VEX Robotics Powered Bite Force by HEXBUG

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Dive headfirst into the BattleBots experience and learn how to build the season 3 champion: Bite Force. With over 500 easy snap-together pieces, you can get one step closer to becoming a BattleBots engineer!

Key Features:

  • Smart Phone Controlled
  • Chain driven spinner based on the iconic BattleBot Bite Force!
  • Build from over 500+ VEX IQ pieces
  • Ages 14 and up

Learn how the pros design their robots as you build this accurate version of Bite Force, from the front angled armor to the weapon guard on top. Once built, you can drive Bite Force with the VEX Pilot app. Accelerate, steer, and even activate the motorized weapon, all from the app!

Disclaimer: The electronic components of this kit cannot be used in any VEX Robotics Competition.

Click Here to Download the VEX Pilot App:

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